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July 19, 2013 Online Shopping News

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A new and better online grocery store is set to open in Bangalore. There are already many online supermarkets are making impacts on all the audience of Bangalore. Especially bigbasket, toptomato & zopnow are the 3 good online grocery stores which are very well known in Bangalore currently. In between these 3 there are some other small companies are also working as a online supermarket.

Eshopie is also starting as an online grocery shopping store in Bangalore. The supermarket is mainly into the organic fruits & vegetables stream in addition with variety of fresh meat & fish store. Eshopie still is under construction. Once can expect to buy from eshopie in end of this year or else in the beginning of 2014. Why online grocery store? I can say there are many advantages for the customers by shopping online. Some of them are as follows,
1) Save time, Fuel & Money
2) One stop shop where you can buy all your needs
3) Shop from anywhere, whether office or home
4) Spend more time with your family instead of standing in supermarket queues

There are so many other reasons are there. I listed only the main & valid reasons above. One more important thing is bangaloreans are very busy in their work life. So these online grocery stores are saving these techies time. So I request all the people of Bangalore to wish & encourage our new effort. Online Grocery Shop Eshopie.